E-Procurement Efficiency

In the hospitality industry, hotels and restaurants need a procurement solution to make their operations more efficient. BirchStreet's purchasing software is specifically designed for large and small restaurants and hotels that need a robust system for monitoring their procurement and supply chain processes. (That is easy to use, train, administer)

  • Better Use of People through E-Purchasing Solutions
  • Our procurement software helps hotel and restaurant chains, as well as independent owners, use their staff's time more efficiently. By having automated procure-to-pay processes and other key functions related to supply chain management, hotel and restaurant executives can focus their labor to other pertinent tasks within the organization. (The oversight and visibility to control spending and align objectives to budgets at the time of ordering makes the software an improved method to real savings.)

  • Improved Processes through E-Procurement Software
  • In addition to improved labor management, electronic purchasing systems can help streamline, or automate, key processes. For instance, the closing and accrual processes can be improved dramatically through the implementation of BirchStreet's e-procurement module. There's even efficient two-three way matching as you develop enhanced features within your process by using BirchStreet technology.

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